IndaJani Brings Traditional Rebozos to a Modern Audience

Modern Babywearing

Robin's Hip Carry in a Fular Iyu Azul Robin’s Hip Carry in a Fular Iyu Azul

It seems like handwoven wraps are all anyone talks about nowadays, so with all the chatter on thesubject, I am always surprised at how little I hear about IndaJani. IndaJani is a brand of woven wrap that is coming out of the state of Oaxaca in Southwestern Mexico, based on a traditional rebozo shawl -common with many of the indigenous groups of Mexico, Peru and Guatemala. IndaJani has taken one of the oldest baby carriers out there and transformed it into something beautiful, simple, functional, and modern. Being of Mexican ancestry myself, I was particularly interested in these rebozos, and drawn to the idea of sharing in this tradition that had long been a part of the lives of the women of my family. I had to know more about how this company came to be, so I reached out to…

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