What is Babywearing?

One of my favorite past times… Babywearing

Modern Babywearing

Perusing the Tar-get with my little one in tow Perusing the Tar-get with my little one in tow

When I tell people that I am a Babywearing Educator, more often than not I get a very puzzled response.

“Baby – what?” they ask.


I am sure that the first image that comes to mind for most is a baby hanging in a front pack on their dad’s chest, a la The Hangover.

Simply put, babywearing is the act of using any kind of fabric carrier to wear your baby (or toddler) close to you. But babywearing is sooo much more than that. It is an ancient childrearing tradition, a practical modern day parenting tools, a fashion statement, a bonding moment, a reclamation of natural parenting practices, a necessity, a means by which to survive. It is light-years beyond than just strapping a kid in a carrier – even if you don’t think about what it is when you…

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