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Gave up the restaurant life to have a kid. I was blessed with this insane Dragon Baby and there was no going back to what I once was. I rearranged my life to spend my days alongside her. Changed career paths and explored other passions. Now I spend my days chasing an opinionated three year old around town and failing miserably at gardening. I am now a Certified Babywearing Consultant and spend my days helping other parents to build confidence in their parenting instincts. I am trained in Breastfeeding support, as nursing has become a value I really hope to share with other caregivers. I live my politics. I think it’s a luxury not to. I write about my experiences… because I have to. It is the one way I have always been able to contribute artistically.

Activism was at some point a huge part of my life, and it seems to find its way into everything I do. Dragon Baby and I are active in our local La Leche League group and I am an Advanced Educator with Babywearing International. I think a lot of people would look at my parenting style and consider me an “attachment parenting” advocate, but truth be told… I don’t like to identify with this label because of all the stigma attached to it. I prefer to think of myself as a practical parent. My daughter is my best friend. I take her everywhere, not because I think she will be emotionally damaged if I leave her behind… but because I want to share my life with her. I wear her because it makes sense to – and because she likes it. She was walking before she was even a year old, but she still likes to go “up” sometimes. I own a stroller… and have been known to use it . Yes, we cloth diapered; but we also have some Pampers sitting around. We co-sleep, and full term breastfeed (whatever that means). Don’t ask me when we are going to wean. Hopefully sometime before college? I don’t know. Ask the Dragon Baby.

Food is a huge part of our lives. When my partner and I met, we were both working as chef’s in Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto. Him Sushi, me Soup. Our love for each other revolved around food for a long time until Dragon Baby came along. I don’t work in the industry anymore, but he still makes Sushi. I spent 10 years as a vegetarian – a year of which I was vegan. Now I consider myself “recovering” but I backslide from time to time. I like my meat Grass fed and hormone free. I like my veggies organic and not better traveled than me. In our cross-cultural, multi-generational household – we enjoy a lot of ethnic foods. As much as I like to say we eat healthy, I don’t know that I can consider the Hong Kong high-fry, meat centric cuisine our in-laws eat daily necessarily “healthy”. Food is such a huge part of the culture of both sides of our family, so although I do my best to keep us eating right… things sometimes get a little bit crazy around here. That’s cool. We roll with it. “That which doesn’t kill us…” right?

Some people who know me well would call me a hippie. Those who don’t, would never believe them. If hippie’s liked Marc Jacobs as much as I do… there might be a place for me among them. Until that happens, I’ll keep pressing on, Dragon Baby in tow, looking for the rest of my mommy tribe.

Hanging out in Brooklyn

Hanging out in Brooklyn

One response to “About Us

  1. Sometimes it all comes down to the simple pleasures in life.

    There are very few things that awaken a long dormant memory from our childhood, an exotic adventure, or good times with good people like the aromas and tastes of food.

    We applaud your endeavors to share an experience as told through the culinary senses.


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